The Great Finals Hiatus of 2013

Yep, you read that right.

As of today, I will be going on hiatus until late June.

My final exams are in a few weeks, so I’m giving up all blogging, story-writing, and fanfiction time in favor of studying. I’m not completely done with lessons yet, but I’m going to be taking the time to organize and maybe rewrite some of my notes. After that, my actual exams are gonna take nearly two weeks. Once that’s over and done with, I’ll start writing again.

Chapter 22, “Confrontation,” will be up on Sunday, June 23 and the schedule will be back to normal–well, unless something else comes up…hopefully not.

(This will probably happen again, if I guess my schedule for next year.)


One thought on “The Great Finals Hiatus of 2013

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