Updates and the Number 367

Hello my lovelies! I am proud to say that I have gone past the 360 view mark into the 367th mark in less than a week! *applause in the background* Thank you all so much!

Now, about updates. I have two pieces of bad news.

The first: I will be giving up fanfictions for Lent (for those of you who don’t know, I’m Catholic), so I won’t be posting anything until the day before Easter Sunday (the 7th).

The other bad news: I have some physical problems regarding my eyes that I cannot divulge here, but it affects how much I can use my laptop/iPod Touch.

Like I said, I will do my best, but I am not in the best state to have frequent updates, but I won’t leave you guys. I will still continue to write new chapters for OSAF and luckily, by the time I return, I will have plenty of new chapters for you.

Chapter seven will be up right after I finish chapter eight, hopefully later today.



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