Happy NaNoWriMo!


As you might have noticed, I did a bit of editing on the first two chapters of OSAF, but don’t worry, Chapter Three is being written as I type this. (Yes, I’m multitasking. Is that so wrong?)

Anyways, since November is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), I will try to update more. Yes, I will be writing, but I still have classes and stuff, so I might not be able to post, but I will do my best. November will be a busy month for me, but I don’t want to leave this for months (again) without a new post.

I apologize again for making you wait so long, and please read, review, and subscribe if you haven’t already done so.

Thanks a bunch!

Thalassa Jackson

Zutara Still Lives! Make Makorra Canon!


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